CCM RBZ Ice Skate - SR

CCM RBZ Ice Skate - SR

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CCM RBZ Skates are built for "Freakishly Fast" speed, reaching toward the same goal as the popular RBZ Stick line which was first introduced in 2012. The RBZ Skates are CCM's most advanced model to date and react to heat molding, arguably, better than any skate on the market. Fit is, of course, important to every player, but some have gotten into the habit of sacrificing a truly proper fit in exchange for top notch technology and a reduction in overall weight. Big mistake! Who says you can't have a high performance skate that actually fits YOUR feet? Now you can, with the RBZ. The outer quarter package is made with CCM's Action Form Composite construction complemented by their inner Speedcore Technology. These two components are the key to that truly accurate fit that sacrifices nothing in the way of performance - to the contrary, you'll find that the level of fit accuracy you can achieve with these skates will give you a performance enhancement that you've not experienced before.

In addition to the personalized boot fit, CCM produced a new insole/footbed that comes in 3 different arch heights to ensure that every player can get the very most out of his RBZ skates. The fact is, if parts of your soles are not making proper contact with the boot beneath them, you aren't skating at full speed-capacity. A better connection with your boots means better control and power, which produces quicker, faster feet.

The RBZ skates also feature high density memory foam in the ankles to compound the fit benefits substantially. The foam pads are highly thermoformable and react to heat molding in a truly unique way; if you wore the U+ Skates with U Foam, you'll notice a difference between those and the RBZ skates right out of the box as the ankle padding is much more comfortable right out of the box even before you bake them. The Felt Tongue with Pro Injected Foam provides excellent lace bite protection and a truly comfortable coverage for your ankles and the tops of your feet.

When it comes to hockey skates, speed alone isn't worth a dime without agility and control. Not to worry, the CCM RBZ Skates have been engineered specifically to help you harness top speeds and full control of your edges. The new CCM SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder is 4.0mm taller than traditional holders, which will allow you to turn tighter and faster than ever before without bottoming out. The new CCM HyperGlide Runner is made of lightweight, high quality polished stainless steel. The deep polish is said to help you glide with greater ease because of the reduced friction between the blade and ice.